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The conscious aim of Indian art is the portrayal of divinity. Indian paintings provide an aesthetic continuum that extends from the early civilization to the present day. The evolution of Indian art, was influenced by the several dynasties which ruled India and is an expression of cultural and spiritual elements which contributed to the rich national heritage of India.

One could experience this unique blend of different traditional elements in these art classes.

Venu aims to bring back the glory to these ancient art forms. He is inviting young creative minds to join Srishti Gurukul to explore their artistic skills by learning the nuances of this traditional art form.

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About the Instructor

Venu Devu hails from a family of artists and sculptors with ancestory from Vijayanagara empire.  He belongs to the eighth generation of their sculptors family.

His ancestors worked as sculptors  under the emperor Sri Krishna Raya. Venu  has been trained and inherited the Indian traditional art from a very young age.

He has mastery in sculpting temple art forms based on Agama Shastra. His penchant for Indian Art is exquisite and would like to disseminate this knowledge to anyone interested in learning it.

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