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Srishti Gurukul classes aim at imparting the basic fundamentals of Classical Indian Art. The classes are based on Agama Shastra which is unique and traditionally runs within families, passed on generation to generation.

Srishti Gurukul was conceptualized with an aim to pass on this ancient knowledge to the young creative minds

The following topics are addressed in the classes

·  History of Indian Art

·  The Ornamental Design

·  Animals and Mystical Beings

·   Floral Motifs and Designs

·  The Deity Postures

·  The Pillar Design forms

·  Spatial Flexion and Dance forms

·  The Temple Architecture

·  The Deity Anatomy

These classes lay foundation to these Ancient Art forms, which are slowly becoming extinct to the present generation.  

  • Students will be provided worksheets to practice and study material. The duration of each class is 2 hours.
  • Adults and Children 10 years or older are eligible to register for classes.
  • Class size is limited for each center to maintain good teacher - student interaction and individual attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have any prior experience in Sculpting, Can I enroll in this course?

Of course, one can enroll in the course as we teach from the basics of 2D line drawing and Sculpting. No prior experience is needed as most of the students just begin to learn the sculpting techniques during the course.

Is this Art course only for children?

Srishti Art classes are designed for Adults and Children 8+ years. The usual class composition is 70% Adults & 30% kids. While Beginners course offered is specific to children (5-8 yrs) only​


I am an Adult but never had exposure to Art / Sculpting? Will I be able to take up this course?  I want to sculpt my family deity (Kula/Isht Devata), so what is the pre-requisite for taking this course?

There are no pre-requisites for taking this course, as we start teaching from basics of drawing & sculpting. The student has to be passionate in learning and willing to work hard for their sculptures by completing the given homework in time.

How are the classes categorized? Based on Age or Skill level?

Usually classes are categorized based on Age, but not skill level. Classes are designed for Adults & children 8 + years. We teach from the basics of 2D line drawing and then progress onto Clay sculpting techniques.


What to bring to the class?

Lead pencils, Sketch book, Ruler & compass.


How to register for the class?

Please access registration page - . It is mandatory to register online with student details. 


What is the course fees?

The course fees for Srishti Art Classes are $625 for 12 sessions, which include most of the class materials (Clay, working tools, printed  materials etc)


What is included in the course fee?

All the materials required for the class are included in the course fee. Clay material, Clay tools, Wooden working boards  & Printed materials etc. 

What is molding & casting process? Is it necessary to mold & cast finished sculptures? 

Molding & casting processes are done to preserve & replicate the finished clayworks after the end of the course. Hence it’s optional for the student to mold/cast their finished sculptures. The coursework involves learning only in clay medium. Due to Covid, we are currently not teaching / supporting any molding /casting process, but instructional videos are provided.​​​ The final sculptures will be in clay medium only.

Do you offer one on one classes?

Yes, we offer one on one classes , based on instructor availability. Please write to us -

​​Class information

Class - 2 hr /week

Duration -  12 week course 

Working channel - Online support for students to upload their work and get corrections within the week. 

Support sessions - In person support sessions are offered on Saturdays  (8 am -9 am)  

* Besides the 2D line drawing coursework, the students work on two sculpture projects. The first sculpture project is  one common sculpture for the entire class  and for the second sculpture, the student can choose  their own deity /topic.  


Venue - Due to Covid, we are currently offering Online classes only.

Terms & Conditions

Tuition fees - Registrations will be complete with the tuition fee payment.

Only the students with completed registrations will be issued Clay tools and class materials.

*Attendance & Homework

Regular attendance and timely completion of homework are required to ensure progress of the student, thereby parents are requested to make sure their wards attend classes regularly. Hence we encourage only serious applicants to the course.


Payments & Refund Policy

 *  All Fees are non-refundable. Credit will not be issued for the missed classes or discontinuation of course by the student .

    Holidays are observed for all National holidays & on long weekends.

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