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Srishti Summer Art classes - New batches start May 12th, 2024 for US, Canada & UK   

Course duration - 12 weeks

Class duration - 2 hrs/week


Timings  -  Course starts May 12th, 2024.

              Sunday batch -  (9.00 am - 11.00 am ) Pacific Standard Timezone 


Classes are held Online via Zoom & Art Materials are shipped directly to the students.

Age criterion - Adults, children 8 yrs & above  

The Tuition fee includes all Materials required for the course as listed below -

Clay Tools ,Clay Material (Polymer Clay) , Working Boards, Printed Material, Stationery

Tuition fees - $625

Srishti coursework involves learning of 2D line drawing techniques and Clay sculpting. The course is structured to impart the basics and gradually progresses onto learning the advanced techniques.  Students work on two clay sculpture projects during the 12 weeks period. The first sculpture project is one simple sculpture which is common for the entire class and for the second sculpture, the student can choose their own deity /topic

Support sessions - Online one on one support sessions for doubts clarifications and assistance are offered to each student within the week after the class.

Work channel - Online support for students to upload their work and get corrections within the week.


Online Class FAQ

a) What is the process involved for learning online ?, How can students learn sculpting online?

    Each Srishti class is conducted as a live online class of 2 hours duration, and there is a support session                       after the class, where students can ask their doubts one on one with the instructor. The students are also given              video tutorials to practice at home after the demo of sculpting in the live class and can submit their work for               .  corrections throughout the week via Work channels

b)  I haven't had any experience with Art work nor sculpting .. Am I eligible to take up this class?


    Srishti Art classes are designed to teach 2D drawing & Clay sculpting from the basics. 99 % of our students have no      experience with sculpting or any art background. It's the students interest for learning & willingness to put in                  hardwork are the essential factors for a successful learning experience.

c)  I just found out about Srishti Art classes, Can I still register now (after the start date )?

    Yes, we accept late joinees for the first 2 weeks of the course. They are offered make-up sessions . Please email us for the class enrollment details.

d) Incase we miss any class session during the course, how do we cover the missed portion of the class?

    We offer support for the missed portion of the classes incase of emergencies like sickness /travel, 1-2 class sessions      are permitted for each student. 

e) How will I receive my Class material for the Online class?

    All the required materials will be shipped to student's address upon registration.

f) What are the sculptures made of ?

    We teach clay sculpting using polymer clay and sculpting tools.

g)  What is the course duration ?

    12 weeks, we do not conduct classes on National holidays or long weekends

i) What is the general class size in a batch ?

    We maintain limited number of seats per batch < 10 -15 , to maintain good teacher to student ratio. 

j)  I am an international student from Australia, Canada /UK , how will I receive the art materials ?

    We make arrangements for procuring  the required art materials &  tools locally in your country.

k)  I am registering for the class late, will I receive my materials/tools in time before the first class?

     In the few first classes, we start with basics of 2D drawing techniques, hence a sketchbook & pencils are sufficient         to attend the first few class sessions 

l) What will be the sculptures made of ? How many sculptures does a student work in12 sessions ?

   What are their sizes?

  Sculptures are made of Polymer clay, upon completion of clay project, the sculptures can be baked in regular home      oven for 15 mins at 275 F, they harden the sculpture . For the first project, the size of sculpture is 8 x 10 inch and         second project it is 16 x 20 inch 

For more information, please visit the FAQ section @



Padmaja, Austin, Texas

I had no prior knowledge of sculpture arts before, and I was very much interested in learning this art. I came across about Srishti course online & joined with so many doubts in mind like how they’ll teach online and in a 2-hour class per week how can I learn to make a sculpture and to my surprise, I have made 2 beautiful sculptures Ganesha and Shiva Parvathi. Srishti represents a new way of promoting pure Indian ancient form of art online. It is also an effective platform to connect artists and new entrants in direct and engaging ways. For me, it proved to be once in a lifetime opportunity to join this course. Venu Sir has got great knowledge of sculpturing following different styles e.g., Cholla Style.

I completed my Module 1 in Oct 2020. The course covers the temple architecture, the significance of each element in the temple, fundamentals like how to take measurements of sculpture, ornaments, hairstyles, crown, posture, etc. The course is not just restricted to teaching us to make just one sculpture but to give us the knowledge and confidence to make any sculpture of our choice in the future. I would highly recommend this course for everyone who loves to learn arts.


Austin TX


Leela, Paris

When i was a kid, i was so interested in drawing and more particularly i was always searching in devotional magazines nice deity's picture and i spent hours and hours in trying to reproduce the same image. Nearly 30 years later, Shrishti gurukul facebook post took my attention. I have never imagined or even saw anything like this. Doing deity with clay on the board , it is like the picture i was used to draw coming into life.

I am living in France so , so many questions arised, will it be possible to join the class , not the same time zone, how can i do online courses and learning a new skill without any sculpture experience, how to get the material. The teacher Venu ji was so reassuring for all my queries even before joining the course. So i decided to join Spring 2021 batch for Module I . I had to get the material by myself and he was always there to advice on which material to buy or not to buy.

Coming to the class program, the syllabus was so interesting. We can see how pationnate is Venu ji and he shares it so well. In each zoom class , of course we learn new skill in clay work but we always learn something new in hindu religion, or about a deity or about a temple. The teacher gave so minute corrections seeing photos we had to send him for review ( he sees everything, as if he was in front of our work, i don't know how)

This class was a great way to elevate my skills and i was happy to do something like this and it kept me in the spiritual path. Venu ji is a great teacher , he knows how to motivate us when we feel lost, and can't thank him enough to share such a beautiful ancient art.


Poonam, California

I am so glad I signed up for this class. The experience has been so valuable and more than what I expected it to be. I, not only learned about sculpting techniques but something invaluable flowered within myself. This would have not been possible without Venu Ji’s guidance and support. As a teacher, he is always there to answer any question or offer help to his students. He made himself available after class hours to work with students on individual projects. Venu ji encourages every student to go up and beyond his/her comfort zone. The results are simply marvelous. Thank you, Venu ji. I don’t think I can go ever back to not sculpting. I have developed a lifetime passion for this art form. Thank you🙏

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-21 at 2_edited.jpg

Sri Vignesh, California

Srishti Gurukul art class provides a unique exposure to sculpting that one could ever experience. The teacher is very passionate and knowledgeable about sculpting and temple architecture. He pushes students out of their comfort zone to bring out the art work from the student.

I have no prior experience in any form of art / drawing. The teacher insisted and guided me to learn this art and to sculpt Lord Ayyappa.

My class consisted of 3 sections - Theory, clay work , casting and molding.

In the first section we learnt theoretically about different topics like deity postures, hand gestures , deity ornaments, body structure and face features along with basics of temple architecture, different measurements used in idol creation. We also learnt about the basics of 2D drawing and how to implement it practically using clay.

The second section is about claywork, here we applied the theoretical section using clay and come up with different shapes using clay, Venu sir teaches different techniques that can be applied in the clay to come up with the desired structure., we were given 2 different sculptures - Nandi , which is a common sculpture for all students and 2nd sculpture is of students choice.

In the third section, we learnt about moulding and sculpting this is a very unique experience wherein we learnt how to preserve our clay work. Here we learn to prepare the mother mold from the clay work and then cast the clay work using the mold.

The teacher is very dedicated and gives his 200% into the classes and expects prompt completion of assignments from the students, this is more of a crash course and if we follow the guidelines and be prompt in the assignments we would cherish the output and benefit a lot from this course. I would recommend this classes for any one who is interested in Indian art.

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